So much to tell, so much to hear. Where to start? ...We will start at the beginning. Long ago, the land was shrouded in a great winter that would not end.

A new people - a new timeEdit

There were no people in this wild, barren land, where ice clad the soil and wind whipped the rocks and bare mountains. But away in the East - too far south for the icy grip to take over completely - is a vast forest like none you have ever seen. Many of the trees are similar to what we know; oak, elm, ash, hazel, beech, pine, spruce, cedar and so forth; but they are wildly taller, and many are impressively older. It is known as the Wildwood, and its vastness continues beyond the knowledge of people. It has no known border in the east - some believe it goes on forever. From this wild, dense and lively forest, a group of vaurns appear from the forest's western edge, and look out over a strange, open land of shrubs and ice. These vaurns were among the first to venture from their familiar forests, where they lived amongst the green boughs under the tall trees. They were going into strange new land, where forests are thin and sparse, and where strange animals roam the open, icy fields - wild horses, wild cattle, bison and mighty mammoths to name a few. These beasts are not found in the forests, and tempt the hunter-gatherers with the promise of new opportunity.

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