The Marshvaurns (or 'Danshavarr' in Greenvaurnic) are a breed of Greenvaurns who live in the vast marshlands and wet forests that are south of the Zharwood and west of the Wildwood.

Appearance and physiologyEdit

Like the other Greenvaurns, their fur is patterned chiefly with two colours, that are usually brownish, with secondary colourd varying from white, to black, to grey. The Marshvaurns have mostly darker, greyer shades of brown in their fur. Their fur is also very thick and oily so it is very water resistant, like that of an otter. Their tails are slightly wider and flatter, which adds to their renowned swimming ability. Some Marshvaurns can power their way underwater as fast as they can run on land.


The water is central to Marshvaurnic way of life. Fishing is a primary means of obtaining food - more so than many other cultures. Marshvaurns start learning to swim at the same time they start learning to walk.
Danshavarr (Marshvaurns)

A group of Marshvaurns rowing down a river - here you can see both their long, dug-out canoes and their peculiar coracle boats.'Life is like a river' is a saying amongst them.

They speak a variant of Greenvaurnic called Marsh-greenvaurnic. More attention is givent to aspects of their culture that have more importances, such as to bodies of water and fishing terminology, for example.

The Marshvaurns are a peaceful people, who have little to no interest in conquest. While they avoid war where possible, they are fierce defenders of their homelands, and they have a history of repelling invaders with the same legendary guerrilla tactics they use to hunt. These are mostly ambush hit-and-run tactics that famously make use of the Marshvaurns' skillful swimming abilities, which they can use to submerge themselves underwater, take out unsuspecting enemies, then disappear as fast as they appeared.

Like the Dhornvur, the Marshvaurns do not govern themselves  as a nation, but as a collaborating network of autonomous kin-groups, who many band together and appoint a leader for a certain mission, such as organising the construction of a mutually used building, and (albeit much less common) going to war.

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