'Greenvaurn' (or 'Rövarr' in Greenvaurnic) is an umbrella term for a variety of closely related (by blood and by culture) breeds of vaurns. They are typically characterised by patterned fur (dominated by shades of brown), habitat that is closely related to forests, making homes and camping within the boughs of trees, tree-climbing, a disdain for conquest but a fierce will to defend, and a focus on traditional bushcrafts, forestry and understanding of nature.


The most common breed of Greenvaurn would be the Dhornvur (literally 'deep-forest-fur'), who live in the forests of central Vaurnland (namely the Zharwood) and are famous for their tree-climbing abilities. Other common breeds would include the Marshvaurns (Danshavarr), the Waylander Dhornvur, the Redwood Dhornvur, and the Mossvaurns (Gülbovarr). The Redvaurns (Maazvarr) also have a great deal of Greenvaurnic influence, both through their blood and their culture, but are usually not considered themselves as a breed of Greenvaurn.

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